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Heavy-duty caster improvements revealed

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Heavy-duty caster improvements revealed
35A is one of the most important series sign of SHENPAI’s industry caste. Original dark red of PU has won constant reputations with stable producing process and stable quality.

Picture 1.png

Double-side welding
In whole series of 35A, the brackets will be upgraded to double-sided welding. At the same time, through the improvement of the process, the appearance of the weld will also benefit from a significant visual improvement.

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Enhanced steel bowl
Steel bowl thickness is an important guarantee heavy loading capacity, and it is also an unobvious improvement. Enhanced steel bowl will be able to match the ball structure and bearing hub.

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Innovative PU formulation
Newly innovated PU is a key upgrade this time. The new wheel has 100% new modified polyurethane raw materials with the best physical injection process. The loading and running test have reached the most advanced level in China.
Through the inner tests and experiments, new formulation has promised a endurance twice as original wheel.

Modified brake distance

Picture 5.png

Round edge craft
The bottom plate’s round edge craft will reduce the scratches, wear effects whenever in transporting or using.
Brake plate pad
The brake pads with a new structure and improved hardness can greatly reduce the brake pad rotation gap,  turns into a more durable and stable.

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